Onyxia no match for Deadwood 10man Team!


On the fifth attempt of the evening, Onyxia breathed her last (for this week), and gave up her loot for the 10man team that took her on. The fight details are described in the strategy section of our forums. I have to say from the experience that the the most difficult part is the transition from phase 2 to phase 3. If you are able to manage and DPS the last of the adds while the maintank re-establishes aggro with Onyxia you have it made. Grats to all on their achievement!

Note: There are stats for a couple of the fights, but apparently the combat log turned off while we switched some toons around. The successful team was: Killingman, Draknos, Velleynd, Jethrogibbs, Saeren, Recoiled, Chasseuse, Drakhai, Dotsonu and Tupeti.

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