Onyxia 25man Completed!

On October 28th, a 25 man Deadwood team invaded the lair of Onyxia and vanquished her for the week! The main issues overcome to complete the feat:
1. Stay away from the front claws (Cleave!)
2. Keep the raid together during deep breaths – all move to the same side, with the large add tank moving to the same side as well, but slightly away from the main group so that the large add’s ae spells do not kill some of the deep breath dodgers
3. After deep breath, return to the middle and burn down remaining whelps
4. During the air phase, balance range DPS between Onyxia and the large add – you want the large add going down before the next one spawns, and you want as much dps on Onyxia as possible to get the fight to phase 3.

Great job all!

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