First Experience with Trial of the Grand Crusader

On Sunday November 22, Deadwood had its’ first experience with The Heroic version of Trial of the Crusade. Billed to be a bigger, stronger, faster version of its’ non-heroic self, Trial of the Grand Crusader gave the pilgrim 10 man a sound whipping and did not give up any loot. However, it was a really good learning experience, and an excellent start for a regular Sunday event. Thanks to everyone that showed up on Sunday night – there were 32 people online at the time that the 10 man was being selected. It is always a challenge to put a raid together and in this case it was even more difficult try and squeeze every last iota of DPS we could get. Rest assured that we will keep running this dungeon, and we will continue to mix and match players to get party make-ups that will be successful. The main goal is to get everyone experienced so that we are ready to mount an attack on the 25man Heroic! The main element for now is to keep working on your gear set – players in the TOGC 10 man seemed to experience a 20% dps reduction from their experience in TOC 25man regular. This may be due to the reduced number of raid buffs, but it may also be due to the additional armor on the boss, and perhaps some mechanic related to the ilvl of player gear. A thread about TOGC strategy has been started by Tupeti over on the forums, so please check it out and add any observations or research notes that you have to offer.

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