Not one, but TWO Jormungers!!

On Tuesday November 25, 2009, Deadwood’s 25 man raid team completed the 2 Jormunger achievement in Trial of the Crusader 25 man, regular mode (moving us to 12th on the wow-heroes Alliance guild status). It was really an epic raiding night for Deadwood, as we were able to one-shot the first 4 bosses in Trial of the Crusader, including the achievement. Thanks to Recoiled for calling out the Jormunger progress to ensure that we were able to complete the achievement (ie Down the 2 Jormungers within 10 seconds of each other). On a side note the Faction Champs fight went very well; we got lucky that there was no healing Pally, and we made our own luck with great and timely work with sheeping done by Bernoulli, and some great work with the nasty faction dpsers (like the warrior and the deathknight) done by Amenti. We also had a pretty good run on the first try on Anub’Arak, but we are still finalizing the strategy for handling the elite adds. We took a couple more shots at Anub to work on the new strategy (Check the Forums for TOC Strategy), but we are still waiting for our first completion of TOC 25man. Still, lots of gear was handed out, and four more trophies were awarded, so the guild is getting steadily stronger.

There are no further raids scheduled over the Thanksgiving holiday, with formal raiding beginning again on Tuesday Dec. 1. There maybe some informal raiding setup for Onyxia and TOC. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!!

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