Not One, but Two Achievements!

On Saturday Dec. 5 (2009), a group of 10 took on Trial of the Crusader in 10 man mode with the objective of knocking off a couple of the achievements. The first achievement was “Upper Back Pain”, completed by having two of the snobolds riding around on their respective hosts until Icehowl goes down. The strat was simple, leave the snobolds that land on the melee alone, as melee are least affected by their various damage and occasional stuns. The second achievement completed was “360 degree Painspike”, completed by defeating Lord Jaraxxus while two of his “Maidens of Anguish” survive to the end of the fight. The strat for this achievement was to have our second tank hold the maidens, while DPS focussed on Lord Jaraxxus. The completion of the these achievements moves Deadwood to 17th on the Wow-heroes guild progression board (See links, right). Grats to Deadwood and those that completed the achievement!

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