Lady Deathwhisper and Gunship Battle Defeated!

Lady Deathwhisper silenced!

Inside the cabin of the Skybreaker

On successive nights, Deadwood took down 2 more bosses in Icecrown Citadel 10 man. On December 20, Lady Deathwhisper fell quickly after the team determined the best way to control the waves of adds. On December 21, the same team worked on and successfully completed the epic Gunship Battle, probably the most fun since Flame Leviathon! The team also got some facetime on Deathbringer Saurfang getting him down as low as 20% – just a few wrinkles to perfect and the first wing of Icecrown Citadel will be complete, with 25 man to follow.

As always, you can check out tankspot for videos of the encounters (they are adding videos and commentary quickly) and you can head over to the Deadwood forums for strategy and some of our own experiences and notes as well.

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