Deadwood is 3of12 on Ice Crown Citadel 25 Man

After spending a number of nights working on the Lady Deathwhisper fight, Deadwood’s efforts finally came to fruition with the two-shot downing of Lady Deathwhisper. The key strategy change, which was tested earlier in the week on ten man, was to bring all the adds to the stage. We still had dps assigned to both sides, but when their respective targets were down, it was easy for that dps to move to assist the other side with remaining targets or to work on the boss. On the successful fight, Deadwood had an average of 67k dps on the targets, and an average of 14.7k hps on the raid.

The Gunship battle did not disappoint and Deadwood executed to perfection resulting in a one-shot victory in the Northrend skies. The guild also got some face time on Lord Saurfang, but was not able to take him down this run. We did get some valuable experience though, and will be working on our strategy to be prepared for the next run. Congrats to all!

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