It’s a Whole New Ballgame!

Well, Cataclysm has finally arrived and the mad dash toward level 85 and a return to raiding has begun.  For now, our strategy for getting raiding started is as follows:

1.  Everyone will be expected to have one main toon that they run on guild raids.  This toon will be promoted to Team-Chaos and receive invites via the Calender.  If you have an alt that you would prefer to run instead, whisper an officer to have your toon’s rank changed.

2.  Guild runs will be scheduled for a certain night (see calender) with a start time of 8pm.  About 15 minutes before the raid start, the raid leads and officers will determine the grouping for the evening and begin to send out invites.  As raid makeup will be critical to success initially, the teams will be selected based on Heals, Tanks, Range dps, melee dps.  We will try to setup 1, 2 or 3 teams depending on toons available.  If there are too many of one type of character, someone may have to sit for a raid – it will be our goal to ensure no one sits 2 raids in a row.

3.  We are still considering the viability of running 25 man raids.  Initially, it seemed like 25 man raiding may be less desirable in Cataclysm because the gear levels are the same as 10 man, and both the 10 man and 25 man dungeons will share the same lockout.  However, there may be enough dungeons that we can save one for a 25 man night, and perhaps we will find that a particular dungeon is easier on 25man mode, or that the extra gear that drops makes it worth while for the effort of getting 25 people together.

For now, gear upgrading and balancing is critical to being raid ready so do what you can to research the equipment and self buffs (food, flasks and gems) that best help you maximize your contribution to the raid.  We’ll probably start posting strategy updates in the forums shortly, especially as we start getting experience in the various Cata raids.   Keep working those Heroics as much as you can for gear and points.

Have a great Holiday Season!

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