Argaloth taken down by Deadwood!

The taller they are .....

On January 2nd, 10 Deadwood folks took down the dastardly Argaloth in the new dungeon loacated in Tol Barad – This is basically the equivalent to the Vault of Archavon dungeon located in Wintergrasp.  It took five tries but we were able to take him down finally, right at the enrage time!  You can check out the world of logs information (see Raid Statistics on the right) on the fight to see the dps and healing.

Its a fairly straight forward fight, with the tanks taunting back and forth  to avoid two tank killing blows in a row.  DPS needs to be pretty high to beat him before the enrage timer, especially when our gear levels are still very close to the 346 level.

Deadwood raiding should be formally starting on the 12th of January.  We have a few impromptu raids being started up by the eager beavers who are at the 346 level and chomping at the bit to get into raid content.  If possible, raid logs will be captured and available at world of logs.

And a side note…

A big “Thanks!” to Tarack for helping peeps get their darkmoon decks together.  The newest Darkmoon cards are 359 level epic trinkets, and will be a big help in getting people a little further along on their gear ilvl.  Keep hitting those heroics hard folks, get your gear sorted, your dps, healing and tanking cycles sorted, and bring your A game next week!

One response to “Argaloth taken down by Deadwood!

  1. Congrats all that went along for this one. Wish i had recorded it to put it up on because our fight ended just on the enrage timer! What a raid:):)

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