Blackwing Descent Success!

Magmaw gets Spiked

Omnitron Defense System cracked!

On Friday Feb 11, 2011, a Deadwood team successfully took down not one but TWO bosses in Blackwing Descent.  First up, Magmaw’s larvae minions and his tank killing chomp were addressed and nullified in Deadwood’s first victory in Blackwing Descent.  It is critical to have sufficient range Area Effect damage and slows to manage the adds, and the Magmaw riders must target the spike in unison to bring down Magmaw quickly.  (oh yeah, don’t stand in the bad hehe).  Following Magmaw’s defeat, the team ventured into a confrontation with the Omnitron Defense system.  There are many different abilities to learn and react to from the four bosses, but with good movement they can be mastered.  Good work Deadwood raiders and congrats on the guild first!


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