The Demise of Deathwing!

The Tenacious Ten


On Wednesday March 7, 2012, Deadwood completed (finally) the initial DragonSoul raid (10 Man) by taking down Deathwing.  Congrats to everyone that attended.  We’ll be working on the opening heroic encounters of the raid, but continuing to knock off Deathwing as a weekly occurrence so that all of the raiders will have a chance at his Bag o’ Loot, the “Destroyer’s End” title, and the achievement.  Our strategy on the final boss is green, blue, yellow, red – and the tipping point on the success is to have pretty solid DPS all the way through – we were able to use Heroism twice on our successful win.


All in all, cataclysm has been a pretty successful expansion.  The initial grind of leveling, faction gains and running heroics proved overwhelming for a lot of folks.  Later patches addressed this somewhat, and now 4.3 with it’s three fast heroics and successful implementation of ‘Looking for Raid’ have made gearing up a character much more reasonable.

For now, Deadwood will continue as a 10 man raid team, with confirmations about 24 hrs in advance of the scheduled runs.  Confirmations will be made for those who have accepted the runs – tentative gives the raid organizer some feeling for the possibility of raiders that may be able to fill in, but in fairness to the raiders who have accepted the run, tentative raiders will not be confirmed and will be added to the raid on an ‘as needed’ basis at raid time.


Can’t wait to get some heroic kills under our belt!


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