About Us

Deadwood is a World of Warcraft guild located on the Thrall PVE server. Our membership consists of adults who share the same goals and approach to gaming – who we play with is important to us and we recruit quality people over quality players.

We are a progression guild and push new content at a steady pace and our standards for our Raiders are high. We have a core group of “regular raiders” and guild progression rules, such as attendance, gear score and performance are applied to this core group. If Raiders do not meet the progression rules, then they are moved to Member status and can enjoy a more casual approach to gaming within Deadwood. They may reapply for Raider status in the future as their schedule permits.

Deadwood strongly believes in a drama-free community. As such, how you behave both within the Guild and in the general WoW community is important. Respect your team mates and conduct yourself appropriately when running with other players, both in guild and out.


Deadwood has a core group of “regular raiders” and the guild progression rules outlined below are applied to this core group. If you can not regularly meet these standards, then you will be moved to Member status.

Be Ready: We raid 2 or 3 times per week – Wednesday or Thursday & Sunday. All raids are scheduled to start at 8pm server time and you are expected to be online and ready for invite at 7:45pm. If you are in another instance or otherwise not available for invite, you run the risk of not attending the raid that night.

Attend 75%: You are expected to attend 75% (3 out of 4) of our scheduled raids to maintain a raiding slot. If you can not raid for a period of time, we expect you to contact one of the officers to let them know. We understand that real life does happen and that most of our members have job and family commitments however simply not showing up without an explanation is disrespectful to your team mates who are counting on you.

No PUGs: Do not “pug” scheduled content. There will be times when you are not able to attend one of the raids – either because of your schedule or because the raid group is full that particular night. That does not mean that you are suddenly free to enter a pug group and get saved so that you are not available to your team if needed. And yes, this may mean you miss out on running a particular raid that week or only get to tackle one boss but we value team commitment over individual focus. Having the team support each other regardless of the roles they are asked to play on any particular week, even if that includes sitting out, is an important part of Deadwood’s raiding culture.

Understand Your Class: As well as having a positive attitude and a focus on guild success, you need to have a deep understanding of your class and what you bring to each fight. Know whether an item is right for you or not before it drops. Don’t hold up the team while you research or link items in raid chat and don’t roll on items that are not suitable for your role or class.

The Basics: Have your gear fully enchanted and gemmed, be prepared with consumables, understand the strategies and approaches to each boss fight and avoid afk’s other than those specified by the raid leader. Don’t shout out in vent during the raid and if you’re not the raid leader, don’t tell your teammates how to play, where to stand or what to loot.


If you are on the Thrall server and would like to speak with one of Deadwood’s officers or have any questions about our guild, please whisper Tupeti (GL), Grooella, Recoiled,  or Pénance.

If you would like to apply to Deadwood, please visit our Recruitment page and leave a comment or again, whisper any of our officers online.