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Backbone removed from Will of the Emperor!

Will of the EmporerFollowing quickly on the defeat of Elegon, Deadwood continued its work in Mogu’Shan Vaults and took down the final Boss ‘Will of the Emporer’.  Again, some thanks are due to our friends Magusprime and Iceheart who helped us out for the evening.   We moved on to the first boss of the Heart of Fear and very nearly took down Imperial Vizier Zor’lok!  One more experience of the attenuation dance will probably be moving us to boss #2.

Grats Deadwood for moving on to dungeon 2!


Elegon Looted!

Elegon DefeatedOn March 17, 2013 a group of Deadwood adventurers took  down Elegon in Mogu’Shan Vaults.  Thanks  for the help from our friends Magusprime and Iceheart!  Up next – Will of the Emperor!


Gara’Jal the Spirit Binder is Toast!

Thanks to some add-on help from Foremnex and Aniese, We were able to master this fight in just one night!  Granted we took the entire 6 minutes of the enrage timer, but done is done and we are moving on to the next boss The Spirit Kings.  Just for giggles we did stick our noses in on the spirit kings with just our LFR knowledge to back us up.  We did quite well until we all got pinned to the floor by Rain of Arrows because we were all too close to each other!  Subbing in for the raid were Gangastaface and Lafe – thanks for you help guys!