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Feng Takes a Dirt Nap!

Feng takes a dirt nap


On December 13, 2012, Deadwood took down Feng the Accursed, boss #2 in the Mogu’shan Vaults.  It was really only a matter of time once we finalized the strategy on the previous Sunday night.  We got some good time in on boss #3 (Gara’jal the Spirit binder before calling it a night.  We also knocked off the “Must Love Dogs” achievement on the Stone Guard fight just prior.  Congrats to all for the achievement, the loot and the progress!



The Demise of Deathwing!

The Tenacious Ten


On Wednesday March 7, 2012, Deadwood completed (finally) the initial DragonSoul raid (10 Man) by taking down Deathwing.  Congrats to everyone that attended.  We’ll be working on the opening heroic encounters of the raid, but continuing to knock off Deathwing as a weekly occurrence so that all of the raiders will have a chance at his Bag o’ Loot, the “Destroyer’s End” title, and the achievement.  Our strategy on the final boss is green, blue, yellow, red – and the tipping point on the success is to have pretty solid DPS all the way through – we were able to use Heroism twice on our successful win.


All in all, cataclysm has been a pretty successful expansion.  The initial grind of leveling, faction gains and running heroics proved overwhelming for a lot of folks.  Later patches addressed this somewhat, and now 4.3 with it’s three fast heroics and successful implementation of ‘Looking for Raid’ have made gearing up a character much more reasonable.

For now, Deadwood will continue as a 10 man raid team, with confirmations about 24 hrs in advance of the scheduled runs.  Confirmations will be made for those who have accepted the runs – tentative gives the raid organizer some feeling for the possibility of raiders that may be able to fill in, but in fairness to the raiders who have accepted the run, tentative raiders will not be confirmed and will be added to the raid on an ‘as needed’ basis at raid time.


Can’t wait to get some heroic kills under our belt!

Argaloth taken down by Deadwood!

The taller they are .....

On January 2nd, 10 Deadwood folks took down the dastardly Argaloth in the new dungeon loacated in Tol Barad – This is basically the equivalent to the Vault of Archavon dungeon located in Wintergrasp.  It took five tries but we were able to take him down finally, right at the enrage time!  You can check out the world of logs information (see Raid Statistics on the right) on the fight to see the dps and healing.

Its a fairly straight forward fight, with the tanks taunting back and forth  to avoid two tank killing blows in a row.  DPS needs to be pretty high to beat him before the enrage timer, especially when our gear levels are still very close to the 346 level.

Deadwood raiding should be formally starting on the 12th of January.  We have a few impromptu raids being started up by the eager beavers who are at the 346 level and chomping at the bit to get into raid content.  If possible, raid logs will be captured and available at world of logs.

And a side note…

A big “Thanks!” to Tarack for helping peeps get their darkmoon decks together.  The newest Darkmoon cards are 359 level epic trinkets, and will be a big help in getting people a little further along on their gear ilvl.  Keep hitting those heroics hard folks, get your gear sorted, your dps, healing and tanking cycles sorted, and bring your A game next week!

Summertime Fun!

Putricide squashed like a bug!

Blood Queen Lana'thel taken down from her throne.

It’s been quite a summer of raiding, with Deadwood working hard on the ICC 10 and 25 man fights, and now working on the Ruby Sanctum.  Just last week, August 4th and 5th, Deadwood finally finished off Professor Putricide and Blood Queen Lana’thel to be 10/12 on 25 man ICC.  It took a little bit of synergy between the improvement in gear over time, and the finalizing and communicating of good raid strategy, but it looks like these two bosses and their tier 10 tokens are now part of the deadwood weekly menu.  Way to go team!

On the 10 man side, we are working hard to finalize the lich king strategy and getting the right mix of toons to max dps and execute.  It feels like he should be going down any day now.  In Ruby Sanctum, one 10 man team has taken down Halion after finalizing the strategy for staying alive in the shadow realm in phase 3 of the encounter.  Once we get enough players with the 10 man experience, we’ll be able to start putting together 25 man runs.  For now, the 25 man RS remains unscheduled while we maintain focus on the 25 man ICC.

Thats all the news for now!  Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Dreamwalker SAVED!

Dreamwalker saved!!!

Way to go Deadwood!  A group of 25 intrepid raiders finally saved Dreamwalker from his evil opponents.  Although Draknos was denied his usual teabagging of the downed opponent, he settled instead for dancing on the loot box!  Congrats on 8/12 in ICC 25 – can’t wait for the next one!

Auction house run on Frozen Orbs!

Just an FYI folks – there are plans to put in a vendor in Dalaran who will trade various trade goods for Frozen Orbs. Some items will be one for one ie Eternal fire for 1 frozen orb, or 1 Frost lotus for 1 frozen orb, while others will cost a few more – Crusader Orbs (6) and Runed Orbs(4). This will give everyone some alternative access to some trade goods other than farming them or buying them on the auction house, and will put a bit of a ceiling on the price of these trade goods as well (I bought a frost lotus for 80g the other day – blah!!!).

There are lots more changes coming up in Patch 3.3.3 – you can read about the patch at….

Deadwood tweets!

We now have our own Deadwood twitter account. It’s another way, along with this web site and our forums, for Deadwood to share news and information that might be of interest to our guild members and others who follow Deadwood’s activities and progress.

For those of you who “twitter”, you can follow Deadwood @DeadwoodThrall. Even if you don’t have a twitter account, our tweets appear here on the right side of the page under the header “Our Twitter Feed”. We will tweet any updates to the guild message of the day as well as links to any World of Warcraft news we think you might be interested in.