Deadwood is currently recruiting a healer, a tank and a range dps to add to our raiding team.  If you have any questions about our raiding schedule, objectives, loot management, etc, please PST Tupeti in game on Thrall-US.

Current Raiding Classes of Deadwood:

Healing: Disc Priest, Holy Priest, Druid

Melee: Druid, Warrior, Rogue

Range: Hunters(2), Warlock, Mage, Druid

Tank: Death Knight, Paladins, Occassional Druid


3 responses to “Recruitment

  1. running a pally that is geared for tank and healing – kahden. also have a geared rogue – jahazasan.

  2. I’m fairly well geared rogue and enjoy raiding. I can follow direction well and know my job as a rogue on most of the current content. I am looking for a guild that is fun being around and is fairly low keyed. Tarack informed me that you are the type of guild that I enjoy playing with. Thank you for your consideration.


  3. I am glad u guys have found the right stuff to run your raids. it looks like a blast to be apart of. I’ve have a 2710 gs dps melee. I don’t have a lot of experiance raiding. i got most of my gear from Instances. I’ve met a lot of the ppl in Deadwood their very fun group :o)

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